Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders


The covid vaccine slot reservation system helps the user to book the slots for their preferred vaccine.

A C++ program to calculate the change or amount to be returned to the customer.

The project aims to deliver the total amount to be returned to the customer after billing by splitting the amount into the currency units.

Ticket booking fare estimation system for bus using C++

This project aims to calculate the total fare for booking seats in a bus by one or more person(s).

Random mobile number generator for India using C++

This C++ project can generate the desired number of random mobile numbers that work in India only.

QR Code Generator in Python using qrcode and pillow packages

This is the source code for the QR Code generator in python using qrcode and pillow packages. It takes user input (text/link) and saves the QR code for that input in png format.

Linear regression in C++

In this C++ project, the regression analysis is done to find equations that will fit the data. Linear regression is one type of regression analysis. The equation for a line is y = a + bX.

Console Hangman game in Python

Hangman game in Python is implemented using loops. Here, it randomly assign a word to the player, and the player has to guess the word by recommending the letters with a fixed number of attempts.


This is a very efficient Python Program that generates QR - CODE for any kind of information provided.

Banking Application in Java

This Java project focuses on banking services like deposits, withdrawal, check balance, and the previous transaction.

Trim an Audio file with FFMPEG using Tkinter Python

This project aims to trim an audio file with FFmpeg using Tkinter GUI(Graphical User Interface) Python. FFmpeg is a software, which is a multimedia framework.

Sudoku Game in C++

The purpose of this project is to let the user play sudoku. It consists of a rules page, solution page, and different functionalities such as a reset grid.

Number guessing game in Java

It's a project of game in which the code will generate a randome number and user has to guess that number.