Coders Packet


By Ayushi Poddar

This project contains the solution to the famous A* algorithm which is an Artificial Intelligence algorithm used to find shortest possible path from start to end states.

Reaching a destination via the shortest route is a daily activity we all do. A-star (also referred to as A*) is one of the most successful search algorithms to find the shortest path between nodes or graphs. It is an informed search algorithm, as it uses information about path cost and also uses heuritics to find the solution. 

The code has explanation in the comments for users to understand the implementation of various concepts. 

Language used is Python.

Note- A* is a search algorithm which is basically means moving from one place to another is a task that we humans do almost every day. We try to find the shortest path that enables us to reach our destinations faster and make the whole process of travelling as efficient as possible. Now, we have algorithms that can help us find the shortest paths virtually. We just need to add costs (time, money etc.) to the graphs or maps and the algorithm finds us the path that we need to take to reach our destination as quick as possible. Many algorithms were developed through the years for this problem and A* is one the most popular algorithms out there.

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