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Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Print all Subarrays of a given Array Using Recursion in C++

This Project Prints all the Subarrays of the Array.Input will be given by User i.e.., an Array and Size of Array 'N' using C++ programming language.

Random color generator tool using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

A random color generator palette is a tool that creates a collection of random colors that may be utilized in a variety of design applications. It is built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

basketball game application using java

The basketball game application with front-end developed in xml and back-end in Java.

Quizzy Bee - An online quiz application in HTML, CSS & JavaScript

In this project, I have created a simple online quiz application using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Controlling shutdown and restart operations of your system using JAVA

How to shutdown or restart your computer system with the help of Java using Runtime class.

Swift Array containing all US States and State codes

iOS or Apple developers often may need a Swift array that contains all the US states with the state codes. This packet exactly contains this.

Converting the SwiftUI Toggle Switch into a Checkbox

This packet contains the struct that conforms to the ToggleStyle protocol in order to change or convert the SwiftUI Toggle Switch into a Checkbox.

Library Management System Using C++

In this project on Library Management Systems, I have used the concept of oops of C++ programming language.

Print the Pyramid pattern in Java programming

Hello Coders, In this Java tutorial we are going to solve the Pyramid triangle pattern using the concept of nested for loop.

QR Code generator using Python

This project aims to scan a QR code and then go directly to YouTube. You do not need to login and then go to YouTube. The main reason for making this project is to preserve time.

Calendar using Python

In this project, the user can view the calendar of any year that he or she chooses, along with any date, any day, and any month.

Read number of integers and characters in a sentence using JAVA

Total number of integers and characters in a string given by the user using ASCII values in Java.