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Sum of all numbers till n using Recursion in CPP

In this project, we will discuss how to use Recursion in CPP language to get the sum of all numbers to n.

Inverted Number Pattern in Java

We will be given an input number N, then we have to print the given pattern corresponding to that number. We have to write this code using Java language.

OTP Generation and verification to mail using python

It is a project basically about the OTP Verification by sending a unique password like OTP. OTP verification is the most secure way to log in to the platform which users use frequently.

Credential Saver Using C++

This C++ application enables you to save multiple user names and passwords of a specific platform.

Data Link Layer Bit Stuffing Using C++

This is a C++ based application to stuff the bits into the sending code in the data link layer.

Generate QR code using pyqrcode module in Python

It is a project about generating QR code using the Python library pyqrcode. The QR codes are used to encode and decode the data into a machine-readable form.

Three-dimensional bar charts Plotting in Python using Matplotlib

It is a project about Plotting 3D bar char in Python using Matplotlib. The 3D bar chart is quite unique, this helps to plot multiple dimensions to visualize the plots better.

Different Types Of Star Patterns In C++

Hello guys, In this tutorial, we will learn how to print different types of star patterns in c++ language. With more easiest and simplest way.

Smiley and Moving Train using C and Java

In This project, I have created A Smiley and A Moving Train using both C and Java. Smiley is created using Java while moving train is created using c language.

Palindrome checker Using JAVASCRIPT

This project has built on Javascript. It is a Palindrome Checker Game. It is created using basic Methods of js

Random-No-Guess-Game using Python

This project is developed using Python. In this, the t user has to Guess the same number as the system does.

Filter-For-Image using Js

This project will give you access to change the filter of any picture you like, It has been built on CSS and JavaScript.