Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code subitted by coders

Supermarket Billing System in C++

This project takes the input of all products the customer wants to buy along with its quantity and generates a bill based on all list items in the output.

Image Recognition using Keras in R

In this project, Classification and recognition of images using the Keras from Tensorflow package is performed in R programming.

Face Detection using MTCNN and Tensorflow in Python

The project involves face detection to recognize five eminent personalities using MTCNN a pretrained CNN model, to detect face in the image and then training a classifier to classify the images.

Visualizations on Iris data in Python

Below is the given Python code using matplotlib and seaborn. This is about the iris data and showing the visualizations on the data.

Sentiment Analysis in Python using LinearSVC

Here we will try to categorize sentiments for the IMDB dataset available on kaggle using Support Vector Machines in Python

Titanic data accuracy in Python with spark

Below is the given Python code with Machine learning algorithms. This is about the titanic ship and the cause of the death of thousand passengers. So, here most of them have lost their lives.

Credit card Fraud detection using AutoEncoders in Python

This project aims at detecting the fraud transactions among the Credit card transactions. Autoencoders in Keras is used for this.

MBA salary predictor(Python jupyter notebook)

This is a simple project in Python which predicts the salary of MBA students based on the marks the scored in their MBA finals.

Shopping clusters in Python using jupyter notebook

This project in Python will help malls target the right customers to buy a shopping card. As it divides the customers into 5 categories based on income and score.

Text-Based CAPTCHA Breaking System in Python Using CNN

A Text-Based CAPTCHA(Completely Automated Public Turing Test) Breaking System in Python Using CNN(Convolutional Neural Networks). Dataset: Generated using the "Captcha" library.

Emotion Detection using TensorFlow, Keras and OpenCV in Python

The Project aims to classify human face pictures based on their emotions using TensorFlow, Keras and OpenCV in Python. There are five classes namely: Angry, Happy, Neutral, Sad, Surprise.

Streamlit Dashboard for Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Python.

In this project, we will be building our interactive Web-app data dashboard using streamlit library in Python. We will be doing sentiment analysis of Twitter US Airline Data.