Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Language Translator System Using Python

This is a project wherein text is taken as input and is translated to the desired language. That in-turn gives audio output.

Edge detection using Python OpenCV

In this project, we are doing edge detection in the image to find the boundaries in the image. It is built by python OpenCV library

Kruskal's Algorithm implementation using C++

Kruskal's Algorithm is used to find the minimum spanning tree/forest of an edge-weighted undirected graph.

Binary Search code in Python

This is a code for Binary search, written in Python. It will help you understand the working of Binary search.

Rare numbers in C++

To find if a number if a given number is a rare number or not in C++ with the help of functions.

YouTube video downloader using Python

I have written a code to download a YouTube video just by giving the URL of the video.

Book Inventory System in Django

Book Inventory System is an web app and can be integrated in a large project and it makes use of Python Framework Django to build it out.

Broadcasting a server for chatting in Java

This is chatting application designed in Java. Multiple clients can chat on the same server.

Rainfall Prediction using Python

A simple rainfall prediction model using a dataset obtained from Kaggle. Follow the code for more information.

Attendance in office using Python.

We can know which users are currently connected to which machines in an office at a particular date.

Heart Attack detection in Python using TensorFlow and Keras

In this project, we will be exploring TensorFlow and Keras deep learning API to detect Heart Attacks to understand deep neural networks in Python programming.

Jack The Personal Assistant Based On Python

A voice assistant uses speech recognition algorithms and language processing algorithms to listen to commands perform functions on the user's behalf.