Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Text to Speech in Java - Project

A project in Java to convert text to speech in java using free TTS. Users can provide the text to be spoken by the system.

Document Scanner in C++ using OpenCV

The Document Scanner is a CPP program that uses OpenCV to perform image processing to produce a cropped image of a document. The cropped image produced is in the first-person view.

Virtual Paint in C++ using OpenCV

Virtual Paint is a CPP program that uses OpenCV to perform video processing through a webcam. The video shows colored points according to color on the video.

License Plate Detector in C++ using OpenCV

License Plate Detector is a CPP program that uses OpenCV to perform video processing through a webcam. The video highlight the License Plate on webcam.

Rock-Paper-Scissors-Game Using Java

It is a simple game . In this game , the user chooses a choice of Rock or Paper or Scissors to compete with System.

Coin Game Using Java

It is a simple game. In this Coin Game, the user guesses whether a flipped coin is head or tail.

College Enquiry System using Flask in Python

College Enquiry System is a web application where the students can enquire about the courses they want and lock the seat if the course is available.

ATM Project using Java-Beginner level

As the name suggests our project is to design an ATM (basic level) using JAVA. This is further used for designing Advanced level ATM projects.

Bank Application in Java

This code is designed to fulfill the basic needs of any Bank like checking balance, depositing the amount, withdrawal amount, and transaction history.

Age Calculator using Java

This code is used to find the current age including weeks and days using SimpleDateFormat class.

BitMasking basic operations in Java

This code is useful for performing basic operations like clearing ith bit, setting ith bit, and finding ith bit using BitMasking Techniques.

Authentication with Firebase in Android Studio using a Phone Number in Java

The project is for the development of an mobile phone SMS OTP based authentication android app using Java. In this project I use FirebaseUI for the authentication.