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Hash Table and its Operations(Insert, Delete, Search, Display) in C++

This is an algorithm for creating the Hash Table, Inserting elements into Hash Table, Searching Elements in Hash Table, and Deleting Elements in Hash Table by using C++.

Distance between two nodes in a Tree In C++

Distance between two nodes in a Tree In C++. The distance between two nodes can be obtained in terms of the Least Common Ancestor(LCA).

Blackjack in Python

a Simple blackjack Game. To win the game player must have a twenty-one or closer to a twenty-one scorecard. Can generate random Card from the deck.

Nth Fibonacci Numbers Using Recursion in C++

This code will find nth fibonacci numbers in C++ using recursion function("int nth_fibonacci(int n)") including 0 as the first term.

Adapter classes in Java with example

In this guide, you will learn about various adapter classes in Java, their implementation and usefulness in developing GUI projects with an easy and understandable example.

Fenwick Tree implementation in C++

Implementation of Fenwick Tree in C++ that finds a sum of a given range in a given array.

Creating notepad using Tkinter GUI in Python

This is a simple notepad that being created in Python using Tkinter library, which helps us to SAVE, CLEAR, and OPEN our files in notepad

Java Package for calculating various Geometric measurements

This project deals with geometric measurements of various 2D and 3D shapes. This is a Java package that can be used by other programmers for any geometric calculations.

Volume calculator using Java

This is a java implementation packet for calculating the volume of various geometric figures. This is developed using Netbeans IDE.

Quiz Game in C++

The Quiz Game in C++ is a project in which you can ask 10 questions to the player which contains four options in which he has to choose only 1 option.

Online Food Delivery System using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL

Web Development Project for Online Food Delivery created by making use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL.

Namespaces Scope(ANSI C++ feature)

Hello coders, Today we will Learn Namespace. A Namespace is a keyword in ANSI C++ to define a scope that could hold global identifiers.