Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

PHP Class for OpenWeatherMap API

This is a PHP class for OpenWeatherMap API. OpenWeatherMap provides current weather and weather forecasting data.

Bottom Sticky Music Player using JavaScript and CSS

This is a music player built using JavaScript and CSS that will be sticky on the bottom. You can control volume and play position by time with arrow keys.

Retrieving data from the database in Python

The project is about retrieving the data from the database in Python. The database is created by using the application known as SQLitestudio where this has to be download from the browser.

AI chat bot logic using Python

This AI bot can be used on the help section of webpages or applications that are lightweight and have a simpler frontend. It is build using Python

Guessing the Random number selected randomly by the computer in Python

This project is about guessing the random number selected by the computer by performing certain steps and these steps help to guess the particular number selected by the computer using Python language.

Linear Equation Solver using Python

An exciting and useful app created using Python that can solve a system of linear equations given an image containing the problem

Player life bar (logic using Python)

Player life bar can be randomly increased or decreased as a whole or in a portion, use this code as per your requirement or in your project

RAZ MAN game using Python

RAZ MAN game python source code A-Z is a game inspired by the legendary game PAC-Man but in this packman or razman vaccinates the bug or the ghost.

Rock, Paper and Scissor game which is played to predict the outcome

Rock, paper and scissor is a game which contains 3 attributes rock, paper and scissor. By using the conditions written in the code the outcome of the game is guessed.

Rock, Paper, Scissor in HTML, CSS and Javascript

It is a complete web development game project in Javascript a very popular and old game scissor, paper, rock

city weather app in react

This is a weather project in react js using API, you just enter your city name and you get temperature min-max and humidity.

JavaScript Money Exchanger

This packet contains a money exchanger wherein the user can choose between a pool of currencies and get the exchange rate to the desired currency.