Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Program to guess the name of a country using Python

Created a guessing game using python in which the player will have to guess the letters that comes in the name of a country that the computer generates randomly.

Frequency Distribution Table using Python

Create a frequency distribution table of class interval of size 5, containing upper limit, lower limit, frequency and middle values of limits using numpy and pandas libraries in python.

Simple Chatbot using Java

A simple chatbot made using Java. This project requires no prior knowledge of Java and can be the very first project of students aspiring to become Java developers.

Digital Clock using Java Swing

This is a very simple project using Java Swing. It shows the Indian Standard Time (IST) - UTC + 5:30 in real time in a separate window.

Collection Framework (Lists) in Java

Collection Frameworks contains all Data Structures of JAVA. In this packet, we will be looking at ArrayList, LinkedList, and Stack.

Java Based Media Player Application

This is a music media player . It has all the controls like forward , backward, next , previous, play , pause.

GUI based Hangman Game in Python

A simple hangman game made in Python using "pygame" module. The game is made in two versions for big and small sized game windows. Total 6 chances are given for the player to guess the word.

GUI Scientific Calculator using Java Swing in Java

A GUI scientific calculator, capable of performing mathematical expressions with trigonometric, logarithmic, factorial, exponential and arithmetic functions written in Java using Java Swing.

Modified Dijkstra's Algorithm to find shortest path by product of edge weights in Java

This Java program can find a path from the source vertex to all the other vertices of a directed acyclic weighted graph such that the product of edge weights is minimum.

Client Feedback Form using Java Swing in Java

In this post, we shall create a survey form using Java Swing and perform form validation in Java. Form Validation displays appropriate error messages when any condition is violated.

Parallel Document Search System In C and C++ Using MPI

Parallel document search system in C++ and C using MPI directory. Comparison of linear and parallel search times.

Finding The Runner Up Score Using Python

In this program, we will find the runner-up score among the scores in an array using Python.