Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Finding Longest Increasing Subsequence using C++ and Dynamic Programming

Here we find the length of the Longest Increasing Subsequence(LIS) using C++ Language and by Dynamic Programming

Power of Two using Bit Manipulation in C++

This is a C++ code to find whether a given number is a power of two or not. It is of a faster time complexity as compared to the one using the modulo operator and logarithmic operator.

QR Code Generator using qrcode in Python

A QR code generator builds QRcode for any data, website, etc in Python. The QR Code can be even placed over an image or can be customized using qrcode module in python.

Centurial leap years using C++

This C++ code is to find out whether a given year is a leap year or not. A leap year can be centurial and non-centurial. The main goal is to clearly detect the leap year.

Volatile keyword in Java.

In this tutorial, We will study the Volatile keyword in Java. We will learn what is the volatile keyword. Why and how we use it. Also, how it is connected to the thread.

Crop Image Using Python

A simple python program to take an image as input and print and the required cropped image using Pillow library.

Implementation of Priority Queues using Java

Using Java programming language, both Minimum Priority Queue and Maximum Priority Queue were implemented (using heaps).

Capturing face of a person using Python OpenCV.

In this project, we will learn how to detect the face of a person and save photos of the face on our device using the Python OpenCV library.

Flight Price Prediction using Machine Learning and Python

Flight price prediction is going to predict the price of the trip. I have designed this project using Machine learning and Python. Machine Learning Algorithm i.e Random Forest Regressor.

Number Guessing Game using Python

This is a simple number guessing game written in python. The code uses the random module, the OS module, and the math module of python 3.

Longest strictly increasing Subsequence of an array using C++

This project gives the longest possible strictly increasing subsequence of an array which is input by the user using C++ programming language.

Pharmacy Billing Programme in C++

This hospital pharmacy bill project in C++ is a console application. This project is about two things – file handling and the use of stream class in the C++ programming language.