Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Random Password Generator in C++

A random password generator using C++, which lets you make a password of desired length.

Notes app in Python

It is a notes app created in python using Tkinter package.It have various functionalities.It is easy to create.

All permutations of a string using next_permutation in C++

Here we will be discussing how to generate all permutations of a string using an STL function next_permutation() in C++.

Total Set Bits in a Number in C++

To find the count of a total number of set bits in the binary representation of an integer in two ways: a simple while loop and by using a built-in library function in C++.

Simple And Responsive Covid-19 Tracker Web Application Using Covid-19 API In Java

This web application project provides user to real-time tracking of covid-19 cases globally, India's total covid-19 cases and its all states.

Live News Web Application Using News API In Java

Live News Web Application is a web application which provides user to live news blogs in many categories.

Implementing SARSA Algorithm in Machine Learning using Python

Implementing state-action-reward-state-action Algorithm by Reinforcement learning technique in Python.

Implementing FP Growth Algorithm in Machine Learning using Python

Implementing Frequent Pattern Growth Algorithm using Associative Rule learning to design book recommendation system in Python.

Mobile Comparison System In JAVA Using JSP, Servlet, Bootstrap

Mobile Comparison System is a system which enables you to compare your desired smartphones.

Implementing Gaussian Mixture Model in Machine Learning using Python

Implementing Gaussian Mixture Model using Expectation Maximization (EM) Algorithm in Python on IRIS dataset.

Prediction using Decision Tree Algorithm

For the ‘Iris’ dataset, I have create the Decision Tree classifier(in Python) and visualize it graphically.(Prediction using Decision Tree Algorithm)

Identify Age, Gender, Emotion & Ethenicity of person using opev-CV

In this project, there are multiple deep learning models which are able to identify Age, Gender, Emotion & Ethnicity of person present in the image.