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Invitation Letter with different names using Python

When you have to do tons of invitations and manually have to write names on each letter, it's hard work. Well not anymore, let Python do the work for you. You just write a list of names.

Finding top k ratings in Python

This packet consists of a Python program that gives k highest-rated elements among the elements available.

Server-Client Program for file transfer using Python

This packet is based on Python programming language. This program transfers file using server-client system.

Railway Tickets Reservation System Using C++

This project is about booking Railway Tickets of passengers to travel in railways and it is developed using C++.

E-Commerce Website built using Java, JSP, Servlets and Hibernate with Database in MySQL

This is a dynamic web application project which basically lets the user buy a limited number of books and then gives them a confirmation.

Check if a number is Magic or not in C++

This article aims to check whether a number is Magic (a number whose sum of digits is evaluated until the sum is found to be 1) or not, implemented in C++.

Gmail in Python using selenium

It is very useful to work with Gmail without using chrome which may eat too much RAM. It is the less time-consuming module.

C++ Arrays with Example

An array is used to store similar type of data. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss Array in C++. Declaration of Array, Accessing elements from an array, etc.

RAT IN MAZE using C++

In the following project, the concept of backtracking is used to solve a rat's problem in a maze using the C++ programming language.

Traffic Control Management using C++

Traffic Control Management System is a management application developed for the purpose of controlling traffic problems with the help of C++ programming.

Bus Reservation System using C++

Traveling is a large growing business across all countries. This C++ bus reservation system deals with maintenance of information like schedule and details of each bus.

Steganography in Python

Image steganography is the process of hiding information within an image. This Program in Python is utilized to hide a text-based message within an image.