Coders Packet

Listing of packets of source code submitted by coders

Changing App Theme and Styles in Android using Java

The app implements an android activity that can switch night mode and apply multiple themes using Java

Converting a given Regular Expression into an NFA states table using Java

This project takes a regular expression as input and converts it into an NFA, then displays the states and transitions using a table in Java

Sudoku Game 9 grid in C++ format

The popular Sudoku game made in C++ format. It is in 9x9 grid and uses backtracking that try different solutions until finding a solution that “works".

Branch Checker and Calculator in C++

A program to calculate the sales value of the last three months for each branch. For each affiliate, three sales will be read.

Zodiac Motivation Phrases Using C++

The program is about the zodiac signs and has an initial menu where one of the options is to create a file with motivational phrases associated with the signs.

8-Puzzle Game using PyGame

This is an interesting tile sliding game. Here, the target of the player is to orient all the 8 pieces in a 3x3 grid at their correct location in numerical order and finally reach the goal state.

Train Booking System in Java

In this packet, we are going to build a code for the Train booking system using Java, By using different loops.


In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to build a code for Train Reservation System using JAVA programming. Here, in this case, we can book an Upper Berth or a Lower Berth.

Guess the bollywood movie name game in C++

In this game you will be shown the vowels alphabet of any random movie and consonant alphabet replace with dash sign, you have to guess the name of the movie.

Mouse Action, Event and Position using Java in applet viewer screan of the desktop

This project is developed using Java Programming Language for many mouse events, Mouse Position, and action on desktop using cmd and appletviewer

Make Notepad using Tkinter in Python.

This project helps in making in your notepad. In this program, we are using the Tkinter tool of Python.

Login and logout using HTTP sessions in Java

A simple application having login, logout, and profile pages are implemented using HTTP sessions and servlets in Java.