Coders Packet

A C++ program to calculate the change or amount to be returned to the customer.

By Sreekar Reddy Boyapally

The project aims to deliver the total amount to be returned to the customer after billing by splitting the amount into the currency units.

Generally, some cashiers face challenges counting the amount to be returned after the billing in supermarkets or malls. This project helps us to overcome these challenges. To our ease, it divides the change amount into 2000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 0 note, and 5, 2, 1 coin.

In this C++ code, the main() function initially takes in the final bill amount made by the customer 'billamount', which is an integer, and then the total amount given by the customer 'payment' also an integer. Then the main() function calls the change() with the integer values as the parameters. Change() function prints the change to be returned and also the money split.


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