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A Report Card Making System in C++

By Sunny Ajinath Gaikwad

Preparing report cards for many students in C++. A report making system use for teachers to prepare report cards for all students.

The objective of a Project- Preparing report cards for many students involves the same task need to be performed every time. This work involves doing calculation on the same rules to make final results for each result and writing it manually on a report card using pen and paper. So to eliminate such type of work, it’s better to achieve this work using the computer system. Teachers or persons who will responsible for preparing report cards have to enter only marks of each subject for every student and processing work will take care of by the computer system to prepare the final report card. Even the system will relieve teachers for writing manually on the report cards and providing a print facility by which, it will enable them to display the marks of each student on a paper with just one click. As the system has been provided with all maximum possibilities to make their task easier, so many features have been made available to continue the task without any intervention. The concept of graphics has been used which will make its user efficiently use this system.

Existing System:

 As the report card is to be prepared to time, so that results can be declared on the desired date, it was not possible manually to achieve this goal. All the tasks have to be performed by the class teacher and these teachers are also involved in other activities such as checking papers, taking exams, giving lectures, etc. So they couldn't tackle all these tasks at a time. Even some modification is required, they have to start from the beginning like searching files to get particular student records, going through each subject paper, and make alteration if found correct.

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