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A simple quiz app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

By Samim Raja Mollick

This project is about creating a simple quiz app. I have used HTML, CSS and JavaScript for this purpose.

First of all, using HTML I have created a basic layout for the quiz using div tags to create containers for the quiz questions and answers.

Then, I have created a CSS file and link it to the HTML file using the link tag in the head section.
Using the CSS I have styled the quiz layout, such as setting the background color, font, and padding.

After that, in a JavaScript file, I have created an array of objects that contains the quiz questions, answer options, and the correct answer.
Using JavaScript I have populated the quiz containers with the questions and answer options from the array.

Next, I have used JavaScript to track the user's responses and show the results of the quiz when the user submits their answers.
The program has some event listeners for the start, exit, and continue buttons, and timers for each question.
It also handles the user's response to the questions and displays the results at the end of the quiz.

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