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A Virtual ATM in Java

By Awanish Tiwari

A Virtual ATM Machine which has about all the functionalities of the Real ATM . Functionalities like quick cash , Cash withdrawl , Change pin etc is provided to the user

Title-Virtual ATM Machine

About the project:

#A project completely programmed in java.

#A Virtual ATM Machine which has about all the functionalities of the Real ATM.

#The project contains the front page in which new user can register and the old one can login through their credentials.

#One more functionality is added in the ATM is that user can register themselves bgy enetering their credentials.

#Functionalities like quick cash,Cash withdrawl,Change pin etc is provided to the user.

Programming Language Used -->Java 

Steps to use it:

Save all the files in a folder

The main class in run it either through command prompt or through any IDE(like eclipse,IntellijIdea etc).

=>For executing through command prompt-

-Navigate the folder in which is present .
- run javac compile the file).
- run java Virtual_ATM (Will open the GUI of the front page).

=>For executing through any java IDE-
- Save all files in a new project name as you wish.
- Now runn the project by clicking the run button.
- GUI based front page will be appered.
- Perform some operations to check it.

=>Future Scope for developers/Students
- Any developer/Student can use it as intermediate level project in java.
- If any developer/student wants to explore it or wants to make a major project using it
he/she can add functionalities like backened database connection and with many more operations.

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