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Add Days To a Date in C++

By Shubham Chandrakant Shinde

In this C++ Project, we will see how to add days to the date specified by the user input.

First, you can download the source code and unzip it to use. U can run this source code on any platform like Visual Studio Code, Dev C++, etc.



The Input() function take all the nessesary inputs required for calculate.

All the variables and vectors are declared in the private section globally.

Use of label and if condition(if (day <= 31 && month <= 12) to check if there are any invalid inputs that will generate a logical error.

Use of References(&) to avoid extra space.


The compute() function perform operation and generate desire output.


Enter date in specified format-



Enter days u wish to add to date-



New date-




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Submitted by Shubham Chandrakant Shinde (Shubham25)

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