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Adding image to Live camera using Python - OpenCV

By Sanjay R

This project is all about adding the image to the live camera, which is done using a python image processing library known as OpenCV

In this project, we are mainly focussing on a python image processing library. This library is used in such a way that it reads the image and stores the image as array form.

At first, we need to set up the camera. So we are creating a while loop that never ends, this captures the images from our webcam, reads the image and shows them to us with the help of the loop. Hence it is a never-ending loop, we use waitkey() method to come out of the loop.

The given image is read and we have given the size of the image that needs to be displayed. Kindly add your desired image that needs to be shown in the live camera. OpenCV works well when we convert the image into grayscale, so we do it. 

Next, we set a specific place to the image, that should be displayed. threshold() method is used to create the space to display the image



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