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Airline Reservation System Using Java and SQL

By Charishma

In this ARS project, we can add passenger details, update passenger details, add flight details, update flight details. It also enables the user to search and book flight tickets.

This is an Airline Reservation System(ARS) project. This project is made through java Netbeans IDE.

The system allows the airline passenger to search for flights that are available between the two travel cities or countries, for particular departure and arrival dates. The system displays all the flight details such as flight number, flight name, price, source, destination departure time, and arrival time.
This project needs an SQL connection, in which it stores passenger details and flight details.

We have to access the system by providing a username and password. After opening the project, log in with a username and password. Now you can add passenger details, flight details, etc. If you go to the tickets section it shows all the flights in the database. To add flights, go to the flights' section, add flight details.



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