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Anagrams Using C++

By Shubham Deepak Kokane

An Anagram is basically the arrangement of letters of another word irrespective of the order. The program is implemented using C++, shows how anagrams are generated.

About:-    Anagrams are basically used for making words formed by the arrangement of letters of another word wherein the order is not fixed. These types of programs are basically the applications of strings each programmer needs to know. The code using C++ explains how anagrams are implemented and ultimately results are generated to the user.


System Requirements:- Windows OS/ Ubuntu OS.

                                      Any of the editing tools such as Dev C++, Visual Studio, online compilers, etc.

                                      For Ubuntu, C++ compiler must be installed. 


Input: The user needs to enter two strings.


Output:- The strings entered by the user are processed and whether the strings are anagram or not is detected accordingly.


Output Screenshot:-




Download Complete Code


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