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Analog Clock using C++ graphics

By kumari Ayushi Sinha

The Analog Clock project has been designed and developed in the C++ programming language with the help of graphics.h and ctime library.

This program implements an Analog Clock designed with the help of a graphics library in C++.
Following functions have been used to design the layout of the clock:
1) circle(int x, int y , int radius)
2) line(int x1, int y1 ,int x2, inty2 )
3) setlinestyle(int linestyle, unsigned upattern,int thickness);
4)outtextxy(int x ,int y ,"text")
5)setcolor(int color)

The time has been accessed with the help of #include library in the program.
The following piece of code gives the current date/time based on the current system:
time_t now = time(0); 


1) Download and extract the zip file and open it in Dev c++ or Codeblocks
2) One must have the graphics header file to run it.
3)Select the graphics console option while saving the file.
4)Select the TDM-GCC 4.9.2 32-bit Release option in Dev c++ before compiling the program.
5)Click on compile and run.
6)The analog clock displays the time in 12 hours format. Press the enter key to exit the console.

Download Complete Code


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