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Any Year Calendar Generation using Java Swings GUI

By Swapnil Sunil Navsare

The project involves the generation of the calendar for any year whichever the user requires. It makes use of a Java class for generation and Java Swings for GUI.

We will learn how to create a Calendar for any desired year using Java Swings in this project.

The first Java class involves the generation of the calendar for any year which is later used in the GUI class.

Next, We move on to the GUI form, The GUI Java file involves the main class of the Project. We run our Project from this File.

Java Application window prompts when we run our main class.


Application Prompt


After this window prompts the user needs to enter the year in the text field and click on the 'Generate calendar' button and the calendar for that particular year will appear as shown in the image below. 

Generated Calendar   


Also, refer to the demonstration video in the Project Files for a better understanding of how to run the Project. 


Download Complete Code


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