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Armstrong Number-C++

By Gokul S Nambiar

A C++ program to check whether a given integer of any size is an Armstrong number or not.

For a given number with number of digits n, it is called an Armstrong number if sum of each digit raised to n is equal to the number itself.



1) digits(int x)- Returns the number of digits in the integer x. 


2) armstrong(int x)- Returns the result of sum of all digits raised individually to the number of digits. 


3) main() - Returns whether the integer is an Armstrong number or not 


using namespace std;

int digits(int x)
 int size = 0;
    while (x)
        x = x/10;
    return size;	

int armstrong(int x)
int remainder,result=0,size=digits(x);
while (x != 0) {
        remainder = x % 10;
        result += pow(remainder,size);
        x /= 10;
return result;

void input(int &num)
  cout<<"Enter an integer-";

int main() {
    int num;
    if (armstrong(num) == num)
        cout << num << " is an Armstrong number.";
        cout << num << " is not an Armstrong number.";

    return 0;



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Submitted by Gokul S Nambiar (Gokul)

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