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By Siddharth Arora

A Java Based program( ATM Machine ) implements if Statements, For loops, try-catch block, while loop, Scanner class, Switch Statement.

It is a Java base application which contains Simple Feature of an ATM machine.

This application contains the Following Features-

1. ADD AMOUNT - By choosing this option user can add amount in his account.

2. WITHDRAW AMOUNT - By choosing this option user can withdraw amount from his account if the requested amount is less than the amount in his account.

3. BALANCE ENQUIRY- It will show user's balance in his account.

4. CHANGE PIN - You can change your 4 digit pin by choosing this option. 

5.TRANSACTIONS - User's transactions will appear by choosing this option.

6. QUIT- User can quit the program.

The Program is Divided into Main class and Account Class.


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