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Java ATM Project

By Paras Saini

ATM (Automated Teller Machine) project in Java is the short implementation of ATM functionality using Java.


Java ATM Project is developed using Java language OOP's Concept like inheritance. In this project, I have implemented some basic functionality of an ATM using Java like an ATM(AUtomated Taller Machine) provide us the functionality of withdrawing cash, from a saving account or checking account, etc. In this ATM project, we can also deposit the cash, and based on our cash in the machine, we can withdraw it. Users can use ATMs by using the correct Customer Number and PIN.

The functionality of this Project:-

In this project users have the following functionality:-

1. User has the option to use the saving account or current account based on his/her choice.

2. User can withdraw money by entering the correct amount.

3. Users can deposit money in both account types.

4. User can check the left balance from both accounts after withdrawing.

5. User can choose any choice based on his/her requirements.

6. Provide or implement the idea of Java inheritance which can help others to learn Java inheritance topics.

Java Classes Used:-

In this project, there are three classes,,

ATM class:- 

This is the main class. And it extends class. In this class, we have created the object of ChoiceMenu class and using this object we call the login method of this class to log in the user in the ATM by using CustomerNumber and PinNumber.

Account class:-

This is our account class in this class we have implemented methods like setCustomrPin, set customer number, etc. This class implements all the methods used for checking balance, deposit balance or withdraw balance from both types of accounts CheckingAccount and SavingAccount.

ChoiceMenu class:-

This Java class extends class and provides user choice to use ATM. It also provides LoginMehod to logged users in so that users can use the ATM, it provides user choices by using the switch concept in Java. Based on user choice it works or produces the result.

Login or Demo:-

To login or have a demo of this project user must have to use any one of the following CustomerNumber and their respective PinNumber when asked.


CustomerNumber--> 123123123 PinNumber--> 12345


CustomerNumber--> 123412345 PinNumber--> 1236

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