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ATM Project using Java-Beginner level

By Rajesh Kolipaka

As the name suggests our project is to design an ATM (basic level) using JAVA. This is further used for designing Advanced level ATM projects.

The packet/source code is about the ATM project for Beginners.

Programming Language used: JAVA


--> Through this packet beginners will get to know the basic ATM transaction options like Balance inquiry, Withdrawing money, Deposition of money in either a Current Account or Savings Account.

--> We are having three classes in this packet. They are




ATM class :

This class is used to initiate the ATM by calling a method(login() method) in the Menu class.

In this class, we will create an object for the Menu class and by using that object we will call that login() method.

Menu class:

In this class we have options like Balance Enquiry, Withdraw money, Deposit money. Each option will call the Account_type() method to know the account is either Current or Savings.

And again Account_method is used to call the appropriate method in the Transaction class based on account type.

Transaction class:

This class contains all transaction process methods based on account type.

The methods in Transaction class based on Current account are




The methods in Transaction class based on Savings account are





You will better understand the code using the comments present in the program.

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