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ATM Transactions for joint account of 3 account holders Using C++

By Sandhya yegireddi

This is a C++ project which involves ATM transactions for the joint account of 3 account holders, they can do all the transactions but others can only have access to the deposit.

joint account is a bank account that has been created for more than individuals. Joint accounts are generally opened by relatives or by partners for business, but they can be used in other places.

generally, anyone can deposit charity into a joint account, but while creating an account the account holders can have the right to indicate whether a single account holder may make transactions or whether the other account holders need to involve in a single transaction.

All Time money machine is a machine that provides services of transactions for 24 hours. In this project, we are having transactions of the joint account. Here we assigned a PIN for every account card number using maps. only by using the card number and with its pin can make transactions. The transactions involved in this project are checking balance, Withdrawal, and deposition.

For reaching banks easily the companies deploying ATM, ATMs are said to be All-Time Money Machines since those available transactions all the time. most ATMs consists of plastic cards with unique card number and a strip for authentication which contains some personal information like a PIN. By entering the Personal Identification Number (PIN) the authentication is provided to the cardholder or customer. Then the customer can do transactions of its services like cash withdrawal, checking balance, etc. ATMs allow banks to provide their customers conveniently,  and carry out various transactions. 

Note: In this Project since it is a joint account it includes 3 accounts with account numbers 234566,356888,578946, and their respective keys 2304,4679,8095. To perform any transactions other than a deposit is possible only by the account holders.

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