Coders Packet


By Sayma Naaz

In this packet the functions of ATM has been implemented using C++ programming language.

Header files:

In this packet to implement some functions of ATM, three header files have used. These are:

iostream: to handle the input and output.

fstream: to handle the files used in the program.

cmath: to do the mathematical calculations.

Description of program:

In the main program, firstly a message is displayed on-screen "WELCOME TO XYZ BANK ATM SERVICE" and then it asks to enter the 4 digit PIN, after entering the PIN seven options appear on the screen. These are:

1. Balance Inquiry

2. Withdrawal

3. Deposit

4. Transaction list

5. Deposition list

6. Change PIN


Now a message appears "Please Enter your Choice" after entering the choice from the above seven options switch statement will take care of the options if the chosen option is 1, it shows the output as the total balance of the account. If the chosen option is 2, it asks for the amount to withdraw then this much amount will be deducted from the account. If the entered option is 3, it asks for the amount to deposit then this much amount will be added to the account. If the entered option is 4, it shows the transaction list actually it is the list of the withdrawn amount. If the entered option is 5, it shows the list of the deposited amount. If the option is 6, it asks you to enter and re-enter the new PIN then a message appeared that is "PIN changed successfully". If the option is 7 then you exit the program. And if the option is other than 1 to 7 the message that appeared is "Please enter valid choice". 

All the data has stored in different files but in the same folder as code.

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