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ATM Using Python

By Abirami Somasundaram

A simple Menu-driven custom ATM application using Python that implements the features of ATM as per user input.

To build an ATM Application using Python.
Features of the system include:

1. Pin Authorization
2. To View current Balance
3. Withdraw Credits
4. Deposit Credit
5. To return card

A simple menu driven program using while loops with nested if-else ladder helps to attain the extimated goal.
As the program is completeley user-driven, features as per user choice are executed that is if user enters 1, current balance is been displayed, 2 to withdraw cash, 3 to deposit cash and 4 to return card that marks the end of the ATM applocation.
The user is also provided 3 chances as in where one can enter the pin for only 3 times in a go.

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