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Automated Google search using Python

By Deevanshi Sharma

This is a Python source code for Automating Google search using the selenium library. As the name suggests, it takes user input and automatically initializes a Google search for that.

Since businesses are on their path to digital transformation, Automating tasks like google searching does three main things, replaces human tedious tasks, minimizes errors, and uses case helps.

In this project, Google search is automated using python language. The program uses selenium (a browser automation tool). It is a portable framework for testing web applications. It can automatically perform the same interactions that any you need to perform manually and this is a small example of it.


> Install Selenium using pip install in your terminal.

pip install selenium

> Download the chrome browser from here (chose version the same as your chrome for your system). After downloading, extract it and then copy the file to the folder of the script.


Save the code in, and run the following command in your terminal.


After running the source code the google search results will automatically pull up and will look something like the image below:

Results after running the source code.

Download Complete Code


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