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Automatic Login Tool [Python, OpenCV, Selenium, BeautifulSoup & Tesseract]

By Utsav Tripathi

A simple automatic login tool built using Python, OpenCV, Selenium, BeautifulSoup & Tesseract enabling faster login to websites.

This project aims to build a simple login tool for automating the login process. This tool is built using Python, OpenCV, Selenium, BeautifulSoup & Tesseract.

The tool is able to:

1. Open the website.

2. Recognize the login form fields.

3. Submit the login credentials including the captcha.

The tool's current limitations are:

1. The need for optimization of code for each website.

2. Noisy Captcha detection efficiency is low. However, this can be taken care of by training the Tesseract OCR Engine for the specific font of the Captcha.

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