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Automorphic Number Using C++

By Shubham Deepak Kokane

  • automorphic.cpp
  • Automorphic numbers are those numbers in which the unit's place of the square of a number is equal to the number itself. Similarly, using C++ the program is explained.

    About: Automorphic numbers are the numbers wherein the number and the unit's place of the square of the number are the same. Such type of codes is frequently asked in different competitive examinations, campus recruitments, etc one needs to go through.


    System Requirements: Windows OS/Ubuntu OS

                                         Any editing tool, VS CODE, Dev C++, etc

                                         For Ubuntu, the C++ compiler must be installed and configured


    Input: The user needs to give a number as an input for checking automorphism or not.


    Output: Automatically, once the number is inputted by the user, the result is generated accordingly.


    Output Screenshot:



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