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Bank Identification Number Checker in C++

By Sankalp Verma

  • BIN Checker.exe
  • BIN Checker.cpp
  • Bank Identification Number(BIN) checker using C++. The purpose of this program is to check if the given Bank Identification Number(BIN) is legitimate or not.

    BIN Checker Using C++


    Bank Identification Number (BIN)

    Bank Identification Number(BIN) is the initial six digits of the credit/debit card. The BIN(Bank Identification Number) is usually also called the "Issuer Identification Number" as authorities other than banks also issue debit/credit cards.

    BIN CHECKER USING CPP(Implementation)

    1. Take input from User(First 6 digits of Credit/Debit Card) as a string.

    2. API of is used.

    3. The inputted string is appended to the API command.

    4. The API is called and data is received in JSON format from CMD using the GetStdoutFromCommand function.

    5. JSON data is converted into a string using MaskToJson() function and stored into the StdOut string.

    6. Finally the Scheme, Type, Country, and Issuer is extracted from the StdOut string using their individual functions(GET_SCHEME(), GET_TYPE(), etc).




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