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By Prachi Jain

In this packet, we will see how to build a C++ program on a bank management system using functions in C++. It will help us to understand the concept of functions and file management in C++.

Whenever there is a need to store some data, files and tables are used. In this project, we will learn more about C++ files and functions.

The following program will provide the facilities that a normal bank will give to its users such as create a new account, log in into your account, transfer, and withdrawal of funds, updating user details, etc.

Functions are small pieces of code that are made specifically for special tasks. 

We have created an Account class that has the following functions:

void CurrentBalance(int);	//bal chack
  void createAccount(); 		//functionv for openning new account
  void showDetails(); 		//function for showing account details
  void searchDetails(int);	//function to search details of particular user
  void delete_details();		//function for deleting record
  void update_details(int); 	//function for updating record
  void login_user(int,int);	//login function
  void add(int,int);          //Add Money
  void deduct(int,int);	 	//Deduct Money
  void viewTr(int); //view all transections 
  void fund_tr(int); //For tranfering fund between two users
  void ministatement(int); //function for ministatement

 Upon execution of the code four files will be created to store customer details, transactions of customers, temporary file, and a number file for the account number.

Below I have attached the zip file of the successfully compiled and executed code for the bank management system in C++.


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Submitted by Prachi Jain (jainprachi954)

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