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Bank Management System Using C++

By Athira Sabu

A project on bank management system is done by C++.We can easily open an account, deposit or withdraw money and know the balance using C++.

Hi friends,

Today we are going to develop a bank management system using C++.

Using this project, the user can easily access his/her account.

Various tasks that can be performed by the user are:

1.Create an account: The user can easily create an account by entering the name of the account holder, type of account required and the initial balance to be deposited in your account.

2.Display account: The user can get their account details such as account type, remaining balance, etc. easily using this feature.

3.Deposit Money: The user can easily deposit money to their account by entering the amount to be deposited.

4.Withdraw Money: The user can easily withdraw money by entering the amount to be withdrawn.

This project can easily be run using turbo C++ software.

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