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Bank Management System using C++ and MySQL

By Mallapuram Sai Hrithik

The project is on a Bank Management system that is implemented using C++ and MySQL with various operations as discussed below

This Project has the following operations

1 - Create Account

2 - Login

3 - Transfer

4 - Deposit

5 - Withdraw

6 - create a pin

7 - Display Details

8 - show Transaction Details

9 - forgot pin


Each account has a name, date of birth, mobile number, Gender, Address, email, and password.

on creating a new account system generates an account number for the customer.

To log in one should enter an email address and password. Operations only take place if you log in else throws an error.

pin must be created for transactions to other accounts, deposits, and withdrawals.

Customers can view their details and can see their transaction history.





Download CodeBlocks-16.01migw-setup.exe

3. Mysql Header Folder which is attached to the project.

4. DEV C++


Detailed Instruction on how to connect front-end and back-end is given in the "README.txt" File.


Note:-  Basic Knowledge of SQL and pointers concepts are required.


Download Complete Code


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