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Bank Management System using C language

By Harshit Garg

This is a Bank Management System using C language and File Handling. It serves all operations of a bank even new functions like reverse a transaction.

This is a console-based Bank Management System developed in C language using file handling.

It performs various functions like creating a new bank account with a unique bank account number, displays the details of the account, withdraws amount, and also deposits amount. It also a new function that rarely any bank management system has i.e. reverse a transaction. It generates a unique transaction id every time a transaction is called. It also generates a branch report for the bank and prints the passbook for customers.

All the work can be completed at one window through this program. It saves time and also the stress of the customer as he/she can now just come to one window and ask for help for whatever he wants.

A customer can open his/her personal bank account and the bank ensure safety to him/her.

Functions performed:

1) create a new bank account
2) View Selected Account
3) Delete your account
4) Display all accounts
5) Money Withdrawl
6) Money Deposit
7) Edit account details
8) Print passbook
9) Reverse transaction
10) Generate Branch Report\n");

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