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Bank Management System Using Python

By Ganesh Dinkarrao Kulkarni

I have created a bank management system using Python which has menus like create an account, deposit/withdraw amount, balance inquiry, modify and close account, and show all account holder list.

I have created bank management system using Python. For this program user have to install Python on their machine. It can run on any IDEs like pycharm , vs code and on command prompt also.  User can install python from: 

For this program I have to import 3 libraries namely as follows:

1.import pickle
2.import os
3.import pathlib

1.import pickle: Python pickle module is  specially designed for serializing and de-serializing Python object structures. Pickling or serializing means converting any kind of python objects like list, dict, etc  into byte streams  means 0s and 1s  . Unpickling is vice versa of pickling means we are converting byte stream back into original python objects.

2.import os: Python OS module gives us the facility to set the interaction between the user and the operating system.  It has many useful OS functions that are used to perform OS-based tasks and related information about an operating system. This OS module comes under Python's standard utility modules. This module offers a portable way of using operating system-dependent functionality. Python OS module has one more feature that it gives the facility to work with the files and directories.

3.import pathlib: The Pathlib module in Python offers to work with files and folders. It has many file system modules namely os, os.path, glob, etc. Nowadays we are mostly working with the file systems. So for handling the file systems, it is important to deal with file names and paths. Hence Python offers the Pathlib module which contains useful functions to perform file-related tasks. 'pathlib' provides a more readable way to build up paths by representing filesystem paths as proper objects. Due to pathlib, we get a simpler way to write code that is portable across platforms.

There are 8 menus :

1.New account- New account menu is for creating new account of person.

2.Deposit amount- If customer has to deposit amount in account, customer has to use this menu.

3.Withdraw amount- This menu used for withdrawing menu from account.

4.Balance enquiry: For enquiring balance of account, customer has to use this menu.

5.All account holder list: This will show all customer list in Python

6. Close account: If customer has to close the account then this menu is helpful.

7.Modify account:This is used for modifying details of account

8.Exit: For closing bank management system.

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