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Banking and ATM Simulator System using Core Java

By Faiza Aftab

In this project I used pure core java concept like swing and AWT without any drag and drop. I used MySQL through XAMPP server for database.

Project-- Banking and ATM Simulator System using Core Java.

Concept used-- Core Java-like JavaFX, Java Swing, and Java AWT.

Required Applications for the project-- 

1. Netbeans IDE to write the source code.

2. MySQL through the XAMPP server.


Classes-- As we all know that Java is a language that follows the OOPs concept and a class is the major part of the OOPs concept, here are several classes that will be used in this project which are as follows:

1. Conn 

2. Login 

3. Signup 

4. Signup2 

5. Signup3 

6. Transaction 

7. Deposit 

8. Withdrawl 

9. BalanceEnquiry

10. MiniStatement

11. Pin 

12. FastCash


Database-- The database that i have used in this project is named as "project2", in this database i have create some tables like:


1. Login

2. Signup

3. Signup2

4. Signup3

5. Bank


I am providing the whole project with all the classes and tables in Zip file.




Download Complete Code


  • taaji :

    how do we connect java with xampp?

    Can you provide me  documentation please its urgent.

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