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Banking Application In Java

By Saurabh Kailas Khule

Simple console-based banking application that will help the user to deposit, withdraw, and to see the previous transaction details.


In this project, we will create a simple console-based banking application. In this system, we are going to use some of the banking-related options like Deposite, Withdraw, Transactions, etc. 

This project has the following main menu:

A. Check the balance

B. Deposite 

C. Withdraw 

D. Previous transaction

E. Exit 

When the user will enter his/her choice, then accordingly we will display the results. Suppose the user enters 'A' then we will display the current balance of the user. For 'B' option we will ask the user to enter the amount to be deposited and will add it to the main balance. For 'C' option we will again ask the user to enter the amount to be withdrawn and will deduct it from the main balance. And lastly for the 'D' option we will display the previous transaction performed by the user. 

Here is the snap of menu : 




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