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BarCode operator using Java


sometimes its better to convert big String into small pictures for protecting it from direct readability. this project deals with the same, converts it into barcode.

The basic functionality is to generate the barcode of the given input as a string and can read any barcode provided externally by the user of the format listed below:

1. jpeg.

2. jpg.

3. png

The libraries used for this project are:

1. Zxing core.

2. Zxing javase.


For Reading Barcode:

click on the read button and then choose the barcode in image format then click on open button.

the content of the code will be written in the read TextField.


For Writing Barcode:

first write the input in the Write textField then click on write button and save it in the desired location.

Clear button:

will clear everything.

Download Complete Code


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