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BASIC REST API in Python Using Flask

By Raagan U

A REST API built using flask and flask-sqlalchemy for Database Management, flask-marshmallow to serialize data for easy processing.

This basic and complete rest_api can be used anywhere and be devloped more with required features. SQL-Alchemy  is a ORM ( Object_Relational_Mapper ) for easy data management without the need of coding SQL Statements into the script. The alternative to a SQL Backend is a NoSQL and the best  resource is Mongo-Db. Marshmallow  is used for serializing the data to make flow of data more easier.                                This REST api has six endpoints with the all the basic and most-used five http methods GET,POST,PUT,PATCH,DELETE and a simple db with a table of 3 fields.


flask, flask-sqlalchemy, flask-marshmallow and marshmallow-sqlalchemy.

Download Complete Code


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