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Binary Search Tree using C++

By Mallapuram Sai Hrithik

This project is the implementation of a binary search tree and it's basic operations using C++.

Binary Search Tree: It is a node-based binary tree where the left node value is less than the root value and the right node value is greater than the root value.

This is the basic understanding of the binary search tree and is the sole concept on which it is implemented.

Operations on binary search tree are as follows:

1. Insert a node: This operation inserts node based on the input value by comparing its value with other values in the tree and will be placed at a position

2. Delete a node: This operation deletes a node and replaces the position with another node based on its value.

3. Display tree:  This operation display tree in Horizontal View.

4. Search a node: This operation searches the tree and tells whether the input element is present or not in a tree.

5. parent of a node: This operation displays the parent of a node.

6. ancestor of a node: This operation displays the ancestors of a node.

7. leaf: This operation displays a number of leaf nodes in a tree.

8. depth: This operation displays the depth of a tree.

NOTE: Basic pointers concept is required to understand.



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