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Black Friday Sales Prediction using Python

By Aarya Brahmane

In this project, I have used Python to apply various Machine Learning algorithms to predict Black Friday Sales. R2 Score and RMSE score were used to evaluate the model.

In this project, I have done:

- Data Cleaning

- Feature Selection

- Data Modeling

- Model Evaluation

For predicting the purchase of Black Friday, I have used algorithms like

- Linear Regression

-KNN Regression

-Decision Tree Regression

- Random Forest 

- XGB Regressor

FOr evaluating the model, I have used R2 score and RMSE score.

The best results were available in XGB Regressor.

To improvise the project, one can work with tuning the hyper parametrers. Also since the dataset is very large, one can apply neural networks to find the relationship between the features and labels and get a better model. 


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