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BlackJack - Python

By Subhayu Roy

This is a traditional BlackJack that has been written in the language Python 3.7 in the Windows environment.

BlackJack - Python

This is a traditional BlackJack game where multiplayer mode is not yet supported.
One player has to compete against AI i.e. Computer.

The rules are very simple:
- Player gets to chose whether he/she will give 1st move or not.
- If player1 chooses "HIT" then his/her move is recorded and again the choice is presented.
- If player1 chooses "STOP" then the AI gets to play its move.
- Depending on the score of both sides Winner is chosen.

This game has been written using Python 3.7 in a Windows environment.
The libraries or modules used are ***random*** and ***time.sleep***

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