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BMI calculation using Java

By Bhuvanesh

In this Packet, the BMI(Body Mass Index) calculation has been implemented using Java Programming Language.

BMI Calculation

This Package has been developed for checking the BMI level. You can use this package in additions for developing your Health care application.

In Input, you'll enter your Height value in centimeters and a weight value in kilograms. Now in an output you'll get a BMI value and a level. In addition, you also get the details of a disease that can be occur for the current BMI level and the exercise to normalize the BMI level.

In a Source file, a includes the main functions with a calculation.

In Package file, an includes the activity for normalizing the BMI level.

BMI formula = (weight/height/height)*10000


Sample output for BMI calculation

Here, In an output shows all the BMI level with Disease and Activity

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