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Guess the bollywood movie name game in C++

By Amit Kumar

In this game you will be shown the vowels alphabet of any random movie and consonant alphabet replace with dash sign, you have to guess the name of the movie.

In this game, It selects the random Bollywood movie from the file and prints all the vowels words and at the place of consonant alphabets, it prints dash., by seeing the vowels alphabet you need to guess the name of the movie. You can choose an alphabet or character each time, if that character or alphabet is present in the movie name then it will be added at the dash sign places.

Users have 9 moves to guess the movie name.

Games Rule: You have 9 moves to guess an alphabet from a to z. If your guess letter is correct then your moves remain the same and the guessed letter adds to the movie name. If your guess is incorrect and If your guessed alphabet character is the same character of (9-move) index character of Bollywood then your moves will not decrease or else it will decrease. For example, if you have 4 moves remaining then [9-move] is 5 and at the index 5, the character of Bollywood is w, so if your guessed character is w then your move not decrease otherwise it will decrease.

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