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Book management console in Python using SQLite

By Guru prasad

This project will focus on creating a book management console with SQLite database using Python. Through the menu function we can add, list, update or delete books.

This project is based on creating a book store management console using SQLite3 Python library.
In our main file, "" we have a menu option for the user to add a book, list all books, update a book to read or not, delete a book. Based on the user's selection the particularly related functionality will be triggered and the respective action will take place.

We have a file named "" in the utils folder which initiates the connection with the database file. In this file, we are creating a context manager using Python's advantage in creating and using context managers instead of repeating a certain code snippet multiple times.

In the same utils folder, we have a file named "" which takes care of adding the book to the database, updating the book, or deleting the book from the database when the respective functions are called from the "" file using the menu function provided.

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