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Book reader using Python

By Rohit Ambesh

This program will convert book to audio and run in real time by using gTTs library and pyPDF2 library in Python


I have created a Python program that in which you will have to just enter the name of book, it should be in file which contain the program and it will be converted to speech from text. Also, you have to enter the page no from where you want to listen.

Library used





This project is created on jupyter notebook.  In this you have to upload a pdf file which will be opened and extracted using PyPDF2 library and then it will converted to speech using gTTS which will be saved in your system and executed in real time us os which will open a default player to run the audio.


If the file name is not entered then the default file “The Alchemist.pdf” will be act as selected pdf book.

Converted file contain he audio from the page entered to last page.

Audio file will get saved as “conv.mp3”


Open jupyter notebook  and on kernel select "restart and run all"

Download Complete Code


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