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Book selling website using Express and MongoDB

By Abhishek Malviya

Bookselling website using Express as backend and EJS template engine, MongoDB as database.

A Book Store

   A book store is a bookselling website on which sellers can upload details about a book and can keep track of new orders while a user can order a book.



Prerequisite :- MongoDB, nodeJS

npm install
yarn add

Setup .env file

COOKIE_SECERET = put-your-key
MONGO_CONNECTION_URL = mongodb://localhost/ 

For development environments

npm run dev
npm run watch // for sass
yarn dev
yarn watch // for sass

Sass compilation for production

npm run production
yarn production


Home page in mobile view

Home page mobile view


On this website, you can register as a customer or as a seller. The seller can upload book details.

Book upload

Whenever a customer orders a book order details are shown on the orders received page.

order received

Order status can be updated by the seller on the order update page.

order status

Customer can check order status on the customer order page

order track

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