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Bootstrap Carousel with Implementation


This tutorial illustrates the Bootstrap component called Carousel with its implementation.

Hello guys... In this tutorial, we are going to see about one of the familiar components in designing a website called the Carousel.


A Carousel is a component in a bootstrap that is used to slideshow the images or slides of text on the websites.

Here we will see how to implement a slideshow of text or images by using a carousel with example code.

Generally, these slideshows can be done in both ways( i.e. automated and manual). I have used the concept of the slideshow by manual( i.e we will move the slides with the help of buttons)

Steps to implement the slideshow of text or images by using a carousel with the help of code:

1. We will start implementing it by wrapping the contents that we want to represent like a slide show in the div tag and specifying its class.

2. Inside the div tag we will create another div tag that is going to contain the contents of the carousel items.

3. Inside that div tag, we will specify each item we wanted to be in the slide show with their respective div tags.

4. At last, to add the previous and next buttons to move the slides, we will insert a piece of code with necessary attributes and inner tags inside the button tag


As this concept is from bootstrap to implement this bootstrap carousel we want to add a link for bootstrap above the body tag and also some bootstrap and javascript links

The first carousel item or at least one from the entire carousel item must be in an active state to display it initially when the website has been loaded

To make the appearance of this slideshow by bootstrap carousel more attractive, CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) has been used to style up the website.

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