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Bus Reservation System using C++

By Shantanu Agnihotri

This project is made by using C++ language. In this project user can perform task like install,getting bus information,showing reservation and showing busses availiable.

In this project there are four main feature Install, Reservation, Show and Busses availiable.The explation of these feature are as follows:

1 Install: Install is used to store bus information like bus number,driver name,arrival time etc.

2. Reservation: Reservation is used to reserve a particular seat number to a person for their respective journey.

3. Show:Show is used to display all the information of bus and also shows the empty seats and the seats that are already reserve by a particular person.

4. Bus Availiable: This feature shows the busses that are availiable for the reservation as the information regarding bus is already stored through install feature.

You can run this project in Codeblocks IDE.

Download Complete Code


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