Coders Packet

Buy and Sell application using File Handling in C++

By Jay Parmar

A C++ application that helps buyers and sellers to seek or publish products or services using File Handling.

A C++ application that helps sellers to publish their products and services. Buyers can access these products or services and add them to their cart. The total sum of all the products and services can be viewed by the buyer.


The Sellers has more options to add both Products and Services which they want. They can also remove their services if unable to fulfil the consumer needs.


For the Buyers, there is an easy option to check whether they’ve gone out of their budget by checking their total amount of purchase at any step. And if they forgot what all products or services they’ve bought, they can keep a check on that too with a single click.


Additionally, if there are multiple sellers selling same products or services, there is an option to choose within them with all the prices and company shown to compare and choose the best option for them.


A single person can act as both buyer and seller by registering himself to both of the categories.


At any point of time, they can go to the Category window and start their journey again.

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