Coders Packet

Caesar Cipher encryption and decryption in C++

By Sharad Verma

This packets implements one of the most basic method of encryption called Caesar cipher encryption along with decryption in C++

This packet implements the simplest encryption algorithm i.e Caesar Cipher algorithm in C++

this packet includes the following files -

1- main.cpp : this c++ code implements the algorithm for encryption and decryption.

2- input.txt : this text file contains the plain text which needs to be encrypted, our program reads plain text from this file.

3- encryption.txt : the encrypted text is written back to this file after encryption.

4- outputtext.txt : after decryption plain text is written back to this file.

How to use :

1- write plain text in input.txt file.

2- run main.cpp. select encryption to encrypt plain text and store encrypted data in encryption.txt file.

3- enter key when prompted and remember this key because the same key will be used during decryption.

4- for decryption choose the option of decryption and enter the key which was used during encryption.

5- plain text will be stored in outputtext.txt file.

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