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Cake Ordering System in Java Using Swing Tool and MySQL

By Surobhi Bose

A Cake Ordering System that helps you ordering the cake of your desired flavor according to the occasion.

The Cake Ordering System is created using Java (Swing Tool) and MySQL (phpMyAdmin as local Host).

The System has following Operations:

1 - Select Cake Type

2 - Select Flavor

3 - Select Size (showing the price with it)

4 - Select if you need Candles

5 - Select if you want to increase Layers

6 - Submit Button (to place order)

The System allows you to select the type of cake, flavors and all the points mentioned above and displays the order detail in the Text Area with a pop up that your order is been placed.

Before using Swing tool you need to install Windows Builder in your Eclipse. The XAMPP is also need to be installed, in order to use phpMyAdmin as the local host.

phpMyAdmin is a free tool used for MySQL database management. It allows you to create, alter, drop, delete, importing, exporting database tables.

As you select the order details and click the "Bill Out" Button, it will be displayed as well as saved to the database only with the help of phpMyAdmin database.



XAMPP Screen:



2. Eclipse IDE For Coding

1.Knowledge of Java language
2.Basic Knowledge of SQL.
3.Knowledge of JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)

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