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Canny Edge Detection using Open CV and Python

By Arushi Dwivedi

Canny edge detection is a popular edge detection and a multi-step algorithm that can detect edges. I used Python programming language and Open CV tool to build this project.

>>Canny Edge detection using Open Cv and Python Programming Language.
>Canny edge detection is a popular edge detection algorithm.
>Canny edge detection algorithm is a multi-step algorithm that can detect edges with noise suppressed at the same time.Since edge detection is susceptible to noise in the image, first step is to remove the noise in the image.The next Step is to Smoothen the image with a Gaussian filter to reduce noise and unwanted details along with textures.

>To use this in practical application and programming cv2.Canny() is used in the algorthim which basically outputs the structural and clean edges of the input frame .

>The input video used here is through the webcam so the program when run will first run and read webcam of the system and use it as the input frame and detect edges of the person or object infront of the frame.

>>The Python Programming tool on which I worked on is pycharm software and technology used is OpenCV.

>>Steps to import packages(Opencv, etc) in your project in Pycharm Software:-
#To import these packages you need to go to file -> Setting->Project Interpreter.
#After that click on the plus icon to add packages and search for the package you want to include in your project.

>>Applications of this algorithm :
1. It can be used in object detection and tracking
2. To detect the structure and edge of the Object.

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