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Car Rental using C++

By gunasekaran

This project is developed using C++. The main objective of this project is to allow customers to rent a car.

Here customers are allowed to rent a particular car and provide them the total amount they need to pay to rent that car. It also has an admin section where the admin can enter using a passcode and username. Admin has two functionalities namely he can add new cars to the list of cars available and can view all the cars which are currently available. The libraries used here are which is used to compare string then
to exit from the program then to accept strings .
Here the class of Car is used to store information about the car name, color, price, and the number of kilometers it has traveled.
Apart from this car class has two member functions one to read information about the car and the other to display them. On entering the program we can see 3 options to choose from one is admin another being customer and the third to exit from the program. If the admin option is chosen the program then asks for a password and username to enter into admin functionalities. Once the appropriate password and username are entered admin functionalities are displayed. If the customer option is chosen the program then displays the cars available for rental along with the car information, once the customer enters the car he/she wants and the number of days they want the car for rental a bill is generated displaying the total amount to be paid for the required number of days. If the exit option is chosen the program comes to an end.

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