Coders Packet

Career Guidance Application using Kotlin and XML

By Tanya Saxena

A CAREER GUIDANCE android mobile application named CAREERISMA providing career guidance to our new generation students.


Software Used - Android Studio

Languages Used - Kotlin(Backend) , XML(Frontend) 

Database Used - SQLite database

App is tested on android emulator


The app contains a basic structure of the below-mentioned features. It has to be further developed to function more effectively.


A career guidance software application aimed at providing proper and appropriate guidance to the students stepping into their graduation or into their professional world.

The app consists of 

- A registration page for the new /first time user(user data is stored in SQLite database)

- A login page (data is authenticated if the credentials matches the user will be logged in)

- A forgot password page from where the user can set their new passwords (does not support updation currently)


After logging in

Module 1 - College Beginners student

View Courses - Students can view the courses they can opt for graduation

View Colleges - Displaying list of colleges preferred for the student

Competitive Exams - Display the list of competitive exams one can opt for based on their streams 

Consult an Expert - Students are redirected to a browser page (Expertrons website, here)


Module 2 - Graduating students

View Career options - Here the students can view various entrance exams for further education and also other career options available

Preparation Kit - This part includes resume building, skills enhancement and taking assessments. Clicking each button will take the user to a new browser page.

Consult an Expert - Students are redirected to a browser page (Expertrons website, here)


Both the modules include a navigation drawer with options namely, Home, Profile, About App, Logout.


Download Complete Code


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