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Chat Server Using Java

By Nithin R

Chat server is a network-based application that has two faces: one for the server-side and one for the client. Where more than one client can share their messages.

Chat server is a network based application which having two faces: one for the server-side and one for the client. At the same time, there can be more than one client which can be handle by the TCP connection. In order to handle with networking concepts, I have used number of Java built-in features to have optimized codes like threading, networking console, Input and Output console, collections, streams and much more. Among all, it’s the application that can be run, using the concept of LAN and all clients need to be connected to server or use their dedicated IP address to receive and send messages through broadcasting central server.


1. Server Application: -It will act as a broadcasting server that will handle the sending and receiving of messages. It’s the part which have to deal with TCP/IP, port number and SSL techniques. Its predefined logic handles where to send messages, from where it has been received and what data has to carry.

2. Client Application: -Using the client panel, client can login to their account using their username and. It’s the panel where message exchange process will take place and their representation medium among other clients.

How to run this project

Run the server first, write: Java MyServer

Now click on the executable jar file MyClient as many as you want. It will open different dialog boxes. Now try to communicate with each other.

Click on the login button and enter your name, now you can share information.

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